Friday, October 26

NOMA 2012 Conference Photos

Host Chapter Discussion Panel, from left: Toni Griffin, Detroit 
Works Project; Faye Nelson, Detroit Riverfront Conservancy; 
Sue Mosey, Midtown Detroit, Inc.; George Jackson, Detroit 
Economic Growth Corp.

History Flashback Panel, from left: Jeh Johnson, NOMA founder;
June Campbell, wife of NOMA's first president, Wendell Campbell;
Harold Williams, NOMA founder; Betty Williams; and
Marshall Purnell, former president of both NOMA and the
American Institute of Architects (AIA)

From left: Tiffany Brown, NOMA2012 Co-Chairperson;
Saundra Little, NOMA Detroit Co-Chairperson;
and Rainy Hamilton, NOMA-Detroit president


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