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LEED Exam Studying Advice

Thanks to Saundra Little, who passed the exam and found success with this method.

Hello NOMA-D. Here's a suggested study methodology which I used for v2.1. The pressure is on because LEED 2009 in due out later this year. Legend has it that exams always get harder or a higher level of difficulty is added to the newer exams. So my advice would be to take it now.

First some prerequisites:

1. Get the reference guide. The LEED for New Construction v2.2 Reference Guide at

2. Get a copy of a suitable mock exam with answers. (I used the *** v2.1 mock exam with answers)

3. Get access to the USGBC website. [Membership required]

4. Schedule the exam. It doesn't cost anything to move it, if you do so more than two business days before your exam. (Check that.) Scheduling the exam forces you to move on studying. Also, Prometric didn't charge me until after I took the exam, so there doesn't seem to be any "upfront" cost to doing this. (Check this as well.)

Now, how to study:

A. Download the LEED-NC checklist-v2.2.xls from USGBC (excel format).

B. Use this as a basis to make your own study/cheat sheet.

C. In excel add, three more columns with the headings: Requirements, Submittals, References

D. Start filling these out. The act of looking them up and filling them out kinda forces you to go through the reference book step-by-step. Filling out your cheat sheet also gives you a "goal" and sense of accomplishment. If you just try to read the book alone, it get's pretty dry and seems a bit overwhelming. (BONUS: when you're done with your sheet, it also gives you a quick reference to some of the major contents of the exam.)

E. But, do read the entire reference guide

F. Review definitions at the end ofthe Reference guide.

G. Go to USGBC website and review the following:

- process to certify a building, including steps to take. Generally how fees are calculated, review periods, and under what LEED (NC, CI, etc.)?

- CIR process: how to do it.

H. Test yourself.

I. Do the mock exam and check your answers. Review weak areas. Move the exam date if you're freaking out.

J.Take the exam.

Web Links:

The ARE Forum (Has discussion on the LEED Exam):

LEED Study Guide:

Good Luck,

Saundra Little, AIA, LEED AP NOMA

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